Ashley Greenhouse

In 2016, I was trying to be “Superwoman”…

Unfortunately, nobody told me that I should get to the courthouse before the big crowd.  Unloading a briefcase, breast pump bag, purse, and an occasional umbrella can really hold up the security line.  For me, the reality of simultaneously nurturing a healthy career and a healthy kid was (and remains) so much harder than I could have ever imagined.  

Who should be here...

Pumping_in_Pearls_About (1)Pumping in Pearls isn’t your average motherhood blog. It exists for the woman who is passionate about her profession and parenting.  I believe there is nothing a working mom cannot do when she is empowered, encouraged, and celebrated.  Accordingly, Pumping in Pearls aims to (1)  normalize the challenging opportunities realized by the working mom, (2) encourage her to overcome disappointments, (3) equip her with creative tools for success, and (4) celebrate every victory along the way.

I am Ashley. I am also an attorney, wife, and mother of two entertaining little girls. I love myself, my family, and my career. While transitioning into motherhood, I found myself discouraged and lacking confidence in my ability to “find balance.”

How did we get here???

As an attorney, I seek creative solutions to help clients achieve their goals. I needed help.  So, years ago, I invited a private group of women to join a Facebook group. The group “Pumping in Pearls” has provided a safe place to articulate concerns and exchange ideas. We share everything from candid confessions of perceived failures to creative craft solutions. Through Pumping In Pearls, we help one another achieve personal, professional, and parenting goals. We celebrate every victory along the way! I am excited about the opportunity to normalize, encourage, equip, and celebrate working moms through Pumping in Pearls.

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