Ultimate Back to School Guide

July 14, 2021


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10 Back to School Tasks (to do NOW)

It is hard to believe summer is already coming to an end. Our family just returned from an incredible beach trip. As soon as I walked back into our home, my mommy brain signaled, “it is time to prepare to go back to school!” I drafted a “to do” list to get me focused.  I hope my list can help you, too.

(1) Coordinate calendars

Get an online copy of your child’s school calendar. It should be published by now. Mark any important dates on your personal calendar.

Take it a step further. Call or email your child’s school to confirm that there aren’t any special days for your child’s grade. For example, younger students may phase into the new school year or have days to “meet the teacher” before attending full days.

(2) Confirm dress code

Confirm the dress code at your child’s school. Buy uniforms or clothes that conform to the dress code, when uniforms are not required. Before you checkout, grab bows, underwear, and socks, too!

(3) Don’t forget the layers

Take a quick inventory of coats, sweaters, hats and gloves. These items may still be good from last year.

(4) Get “First Day of School” sign

Go find where you put last year’s “first day of school sign”! I don’t have great handwriting, so I know I’ll need my friend Kayla to help with our sign again this year. If you don’t have an old sign, I’ve already seen them in Walmart.

(5) Schedule hair appointment

Take advantage of any back-to-school specials out there. Schedule your child’s hair appointment close to the first day of school.

(6) See pediatrician and/or dentist

Does your child need a physical or last-minute attention to his teeth? Jump on it quickly before your providers are all full for summer break appointments. Confirm what medical records will be required for your child’s extracurricular activities.

Don’t get discouraged if you do not have a scheduled appointment. You may get lucky! Call your doctor daily for any openings. Appointments get canceled when scheduled patients exhibit virus symptoms. Good luck!

(7) Go get school supplies

Contact your school to see where your school supply list is published. Our local PTO offers a service where you pay a fee and the supplies are sent directly to you! Your school may offer a stress-free option, too. Don’t forget to label all of your items!

Also, when you’re out shopping for school supplies, think about the items you may need at home to complete homework projects. Do you have extra card stock or markers for the house?

(8) Academic Refresher

It is time to make sure those little brains are back in gear for the school year! We will have a kindergarten student in the fall. This summer, she has been a decent sport when we pulled out sight words and boring worksheets. Recently, we could tell Lillian Charlotte was OVER IT, so we bought this All Ready for Kindergarten Readiness Kit from Learning Resources.

I may have to write a review on it later because we were SO impressed by the wealth of materials packed in that box! (Our friend Tammy sent our 2-year-old Lia a toddler box. We knew we had to find an age-appropriate one for Lillian Charlotte.)

Find a way to review basic, grade-appropriate skills before school starts! It may be as simple as reading books or limiting screen time to educational programs. We are doing that this week! (Poor Lillian)

Additionally, complete any “summer packets” or reading assignments given at the end of last school year.

(9) Finalize Child Care

It’s time to finalize child care arrangements! If needed, contact your school in order to complete the documentation required for a non-parent to transport your child. Is your little one attending before or aftercare? Have you secured transportation to an outside child care facility? It is time to check this off your list! Sitter instead? Make sure to confirm nothing has changed with your expected sitter. While we fight through this health crisis, changes happen fast!

(10) Teacher Gifts

Teachers don’t just show up! They have been preparing for weeks to receive our kids. Meeting the teacher with kindness and gratitude is the right way to start the school year! Add your teacher to your shopping list.

I like to get to know more about our teachers, so I can send stuff they will actually appreciate throughout the year.  Do you want to get BONUS points this year?  You can access our family’s cheat sheet here.

**Have an incredible school year!!  My prayer is that your family will stay happy and healthy!**

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