Working Mom, Is Pumping in Pearls for You?

March 6, 2021


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Pumping in Pearls Was Specifically Designed for YOU (and here’s why)

In the past month, have you said, “Mommy is going to miss you SO much,” “I need a vacation,” AND “I need to find a day to work late this week”? Have you said ALL three of these on the same day? I know I’m not alone. Let’s get through it together.

It always hurts me when I recognize working moms buried in their own unmet expectations. Following closely behind is shame and resentment. (I’m “working moms,” sis.)  So many moms are struggling in similar ways. You are not alone. We usually just don’t talk about it. When I entered motherhood and needed a solid resource to help me overcome new challenges, I created it. Pumping in Pearls was designed for girls like me (and you).


What do “pumping breast milk” and “pumping well water” have in common? Work!  Pumping is not easy. 

Pump (verb): [with adverbial of direction] force to move in a specified direction

Pumping requires dilligent effort and consistent intention. In this space, when I talk about “pumping,” I’m referring to all  of the challenging opportunities realized while purposefully parenting. When I gave my children pumped breast milk,  it didn’t come easy. My girls are older now. I’ll never pump my breasts for milk again. Nonetheless, I still feel like I’m “pumping.” It doesn’t take long to realize that most purposeful, necessary parenting tasks will require a great deal of work.


I was wearing pearls before I ever pumped a boob. Pearls are tied to some the the most treasured parts of me. For clarity, when I talk about doing something “in pearls,” it’s all about ASHLEY, not “mommy.” In pearls, I continue to pursue all of the things I am personally passionate about.

Pumping in Pearls is for Passionate Women Who Become Moms

Every day, a woman who already loved her life expands her reach and becomes a mother. The transition to motherhood is both beautiful AND burdensome. There aren’t enough solid resources sharing the whole truth. Pumping in Pearls seeks to serve moms who are purposefully parenting while continuing to pursue personal passions.

Sisters, I want to share with you because you deserve to “have it all.” We will acknowledge the unique challenges recognized by the the working mom. Here, you will be equipped, encouraged, and celebrated.

If Pumping in Pearls sounds like what you need, welcome aboard!! Go subscribe to our newsletter. I don’t want you don’t miss out on the tools I will be sharing.  

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